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When is the Right Time for Pumpkin Spice?

I love pumpkin spice whether it's in a latte, pie, donuts, cake, ice cream and even in cream cheese smeared on a well toasted bagel. But I just can't bring myself to consume this flavor before it starts to get cooler. I'm to busy trying to enjoy the last of the fresh tomotoes, corn and the like.

Just like Christmas, many big-name stores start pushing pumpkin spice well before the season. I swear the coffee chain from Seattle, which will remain nameless, started offering it's pumpkin spice latte in July! 

Summers in New England are way to short to start indulging in comfort food and flavors before the temperature drops to at least a semi consistent fifty-ish degrees. Heck, once the weather is truly right for pumpkin spice cookies and lattes to be served, it will be at least six months before New Englanders begin to consider stopping with the comfort food. And another two months before it's considered the start of beach weather!

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love the change of seasons. When the real chill of Fall arrives, I'm the first one to take out the Halloween and Fall time decorations and dishes. And the first one to start with pumpkin and apple everything.

Having some nice platters and misc. decor really adds to the spirit of the Fall and makes whatever is being served more delish. Here are a few sweet items I am loving right now for Fall time tables:

Pretty Fall Table Inspirations

  These sweet little plates will do triple duty for either appetizers, salads or dessert.

 This 4 quart casserole is a splerge. However, it will always look good, last a lifetime and be worthly of passing down to your kids or grandchildren. Especially with all the memories of it on your Fall time holiday tables filled with your home made deliciousness.

  This small rectangler platter is just the right amount of white color along with the pretty stacked pumpkins. I love narrow rectangler platters for cookies.

 I also love simplicity when it comes to table-clothes. Let your beautiful platters, plates and above all food be the star of your table, not your tablecloth! This tablecloth is pretty and won't compete with what is on top of it.


In my opinion, the temperature criteria has been met and pumpkin spice and other fall flavors are beginning to burst forth in my kitchen. And the first baked good of the season are my Frost on the Pumpkin Olive Oil Cookies.

There is a misnomer out there that one must use a "neutral tasting" oil, such as vegetable oil when baking because olive oil will add the wrong flavor. I say that is complete hogwash!

ingredients for pumpkin olive oil cookies

Whether one of O'Live A Little's flavored extra virgin olive oils are used, such as in this recipe, our Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil or very a good traditional olive oil like our Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, not only will one's heart benefit due to the lack of butter, but so will the overall flavor of the cookie.

Please don't use grocery store "lite or light" olive oil. It has the same fat and calories as quality olive oil but has been heat processed and striped of any and all health benefits and of it's delicious flavor.

These Pumpkin Olive Oil Cookies are "cakey" bites and are addictive and super easy to make.

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