Super Easy Valentine's Day Orecchiette with Chickpeas & Olives

Going out on Valentine's Day is overrated. It's an amateur night with big crowds, limited overpriced menus, small portions, hurried service, and with food that is usually not that good for the cost. Save your money, go out on another night to celebrate your love when the restaurants are not so busy and they can pay more attention to your meal.

Those in the food industry often say, “Food is Love”. But what does that mean? I believe GOOD food is at different level… FOOD IS CONNECTION – It creates connections, re-enforces connections, and maintains connections with friends, family, co-workers, strangers, the land, and animals. These are connections that can’t develop from a takeout container or at a restaurant.

Cooking-in creates a connection with whomever your meal is shared with more than it ever will over a restaurant’s table! Cook-In Tonight! Start making a lasting connection that can only happen when you cook for someone. Bon Appetit!

Written by Jennifer O

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