Greek Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Greek Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent every day extra virgin olive oil with the typical flavors of ripe Greek Koroneiki. This Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is well balanced, with nice bitterness, pungency and some green and ripe banana fruitiness. It also has good complexity with many subtle ripe fruit and green fruit flavors.

The koroneiki olive is considered the “queen of olives” in Greece and is recognized world-wide as one of the preferred olives for oil production. The fruitful koroneiki tree has flourished in this microclimate for more than 3,000 years. It is grown and harvested solely for olive oil production

Pairs well with all our balsamic vinegar's... Dark and White!  And... of course you can't go wrong using it on a real Greek Salad!

Polyphenols - 512

Available in 375ML

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