Jack Be Little Pumpkins

In the grocery store, often times these mini pumpkins are sold next to the gourds which implies they should only be used for decoration. However, they are not only delicious when baked, but make a fun and festive presentation on a Thanksgiving table or buffet. Kids and adults alike enjoy seeing them and eating them! 

Just as delish as baked acorn squash or baked butternut squash they are fast and easy to make. Don't just save them for Turkey Day. They add a pop of color to anything they are served alongside. We especially love them with pork as well as turkey and chicken. Sometimes these mini pumpkins are hard to find. Look around and ask around at your local grocery stores. Plan ahead if you want to make them. Buy them when you find them and keep in the fridge until you are ready to use them. 

Written by Jennifer O

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