Delicious stuffed green peppers without rice or pasta

Fresh summer vegetables are so much better than the weeks old almost tasteless versions we find at grocery stores once local gardens and farms have stop producing for the season.  Facing the long, cold winter in New England it is always a treat to take out of the freezer corn, green beans, peas and the like that have been squirreled away during June, July & August. Although not technically "fresh", they are still so delicious and make winter just a bit more bearable. If only for the time it takes to savor every last fork full.

Green peppers and other peppers in general are no exception to fresh summer veggie deliciousness. Since most people don't usually cook up only peppers to eat as a side (unless Italian sausage is on the menu), our recipe for the Best Easy Stuffed Green Peppers is a home run for scoring points with friends and family. It is also an excellent recipe to make extra, freeze and then take out on a cold winter night when you don't feel like cooking. It is fresh and bright tasting for the summer table at the same time being a comfort food for winter.

These Best Easy Stuffed Green Peppers are full of meat (Turkey or Beef) and have no rice, pasta or other carb in the mix. They are perfect for Keto followers (there is tomato in the mix) or those just trying limit carb in-take in general.

Feel free to use whatever larger size colored peppers you have on hand such as yellow, red, purple, they will all work too. If you don't like cheese don't add it in. Also, change out the parsley with your fresh herb or mix of herbs of your choice. Basil and oregano is also delish. And, if you are a cilantro fan, it is also very good.





Written by Jennifer O

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