Zucchini side dish

It is that time of year again. Gardens are bursting forth with zucchini. If you are searching for a new recipe we have one that might just become a new favorite. Previously I wrote a blog post about the National Day called "Leave Your Zucchini on your Neighbors Porch". It's a fun quick read with a delicious blueberry lemon zucchini recipe attached. The recipe today is a side dish. It can be made with all zucchini or all summer squash (I like the look of both). It you don't do dairy, leave out the sour cream. If you don't like dill use another herb more to your liking. I love tarragon with this recipe as well. But, basil, parsley or oregano also work.

Written by Jennifer Ostrowski


Looks amazing!! I’m going to make this tonight with the zucchini from our garden!!!

Lee on Jan 04, 2023

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