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Anybody following my blog/recipes over the years, is probably aware of my love of Middle Eastern food. As my familiarity and interest with Middle Eastern cuisine is due to my Lebanese husband and his family, I have over the past 33 years enjoyed eating, cooking and sharing this food with family, friends and the O’Live A Little community.

Turkish, Lebanese, and Persian food although different from each other, all share similarities that seem to be exotic compared to the basic American dinner of burgers and potatoes. Meat or tomatoes with mint and cinnamon, use of coriander, fenugreek, sumac and more, all create a deliciousness that, honestly rivals Italian food or I’d dare say is even better.

The lines of Turkish and Lebanese cuisine blur together more than Persian cuisine. Persian food comes mainly from Iranian culture with influences from Iraqi cooking, other Middle Eastern cultures, and the Indian subcontinent. This influence came through the network of routes used by traders for more than 1,500 years called the Silk Road. Turkish cuisine, also influenced by Middle Eastern culture, has taken cues Greece, Bulgaria, The Balkans, and Armenia. And, Lebanese cuisine reflects the country’s multiculturalism with influences from French, Italian, and Greek cuisines. The collision of all these cultures over the course of human history has created a unique, healthful and extraordinary flavor explosion that is not to be missed.

One of the commonalities of all these cuisines is often a fresh and deeply herby flavor. And, this is no exception when it comes to our Persian Frittata. Not your typical Italian style frittata, this style is less “eggy” and herbier. The added benefit is it is totally portable. Meaning it’s thin profile and slight denseness allows one to hold it in hand to enjoy. It makes a great warm weather, light meal or treat and is totally portable. Bring it hiking, camping, boating and to the beach. Serve it hot, warm or cold an if so inclined, enjoy with a side of hummus, fresh tomatoes and pita bread.

Written by Jennifer O

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