This Frittata Will Travel


Anybody following my blog/recipes over the years, is probably aware of my love of Middle Eastern food. As my familiarity and interest with Middle Eastern cuisine is due to my Lebanese husband and his family, I have over the past 33 years enjoyed eating, cooking and sharing this food with family, friends and the O’Live A Little community. Turkish, Lebanese, and Persian food although different from each other, all share similarities that seem to be exotic compared to the basic American dinner of burgers and potatoes. Meat or tomatoes with mint and cinnamon, use of coriander, fenugreek, sumac and more,...

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The Perfect Summertime Go Anywhere Savory Snack: Swiss Chard Cheese Pie

Who uses Swiss Chard these days? People must, as it is usually in the produce section of grocery stores. But I still wonder who uses it, as I never see it on a restaurant menu and have never had it served to me when at friend’s homes for a meal.I use Swiss Chard. Which, by the way is not Swiss. It’s earliest history dates to the island of Sicily and was and still is widely consumed throughout the Mediterranean. My first exposure to Swiss Chard was though my Lebanese mother-in-law. She taught me a most delish recipe using warm Lebanese...

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