Umbrian Snowflake Cookies - Biscotti ai Cereali

Umbria, a region of Italy that boarders it’s most famous cousin, Tuscany, is called the country's green heart. It is known for its medieval hill towns, dense forests and local cuisine, particularly foraged truffles, and wines. My husband Matthew & I have visited Umbria on two occasions and have both times stayed in the small walled town of Montafalco. We had wonderful times there; Truffle hunting and then

drinking Prosecco and eating omelets made with fresh eggs, homemade pecorino cheese and truffles, right in the forest where we found them. Drinking many glasses Sagrantino wine (Montafalco is the only place where this grape is grown) and of course tasting and consuming lots of delicious Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with grilled crusty bread.

All good stuff and if you are considering a trip to Umbria and want a “real deal” experience, I highly recommend you contact Mac & Francesca of Wild Foods Italy.

You will get an experience like no other with their truffle hunts, lodging, food, and close family atmosphere. To this day it is one of the best experiences we have had in all of our travels.

During one of our visits to Umbria it did snow a little. And the dusting on the ground and on the olive trees does remind me of the powdered sugar kiss these cookies get after baking. Although they are called a “biscotti”, technically they are not as they are not twice baked, or log shaped. Because they get lots of crunchiness from the cornflakes inside and outside the cookies, they have the biscotti type texture/crunch. I think the biscotti reference comes from that.

 These cookies have a wonderful crunch and just the right amount of sweetness. So good you won't want to make them just around the holidays!

Written by Jennifer O
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