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Bring on the Wings O'live A Little

We were sad to see Matt’s beloved Buffalo Bills make an early exit from the Playoffs, this year – but another prized “export” – that spicy little chicken wings are famous by the city with the same name – will be making an appearance in living rooms everywhere when the New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

Bring on the Wings O'live A Little

Matt, a Buffalo native, is seen here enjoying the “real deal” at

Anchor Bar

Buffalo wings go hand-in-hand with the big game, and don’t forget, the Winter Olympics are right around the corner, too.

Here are two recipes you can’t go wrong with:

#1 Real Buffalo Chicken Wings

This is an authentic wing recipe just like they serve in the Capital of Chicken Wings, Buffalo, NY.

Bring on the Wings O'live A Little

The wings are deep-fried, then splashed with hot sauce and served with bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks... that’s how they serve them in Buffalo! If you don’t want to fuss with homemade Bleu Cheese dressing, use Marie’s Blue Cheese Dressing, that’s what people from Buffalo use! This is one of those marvelously messy meals! Serve with lots of beer! Go Pats!!!! 

Complete Recipe

#2 O’Live A Little’s Balsamic & Honey Glazed Chicken Wings

Believe it or not, hot sauces all over the world have their origins from the same region extending between Mexico and Bolivia. Approximately 2,000 years ago, indigenous people in Central America began cultivating hot chili peppers and developing a spicy paste to add a “flare” to local cuisine.

Bring on the Wings O'live A Little

During the 16th Century, Spanish Conquistadors discovered local inhabitants in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan had developed distinct strains of anchos, jalapenos, and smoked chipotles. Through their world travels and involvement in the international spice trade, these conquerors introduced “hot sauce” to cultures in Europe, Asia, and the Far East. Here is a sticky, sweet and spicy variation on the classic chicken wing. The sesame seeds sprinkled on top give it an Asian twist!!

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Fun Facts About Buffalo Wings

  • They were invented in 1964 at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY by Teressa Bellissimo after receiving an order of chicken wings instead of her expected order of chicken necks.

  • In 2015, Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti set a world record by eating 444 wings in 26 minutes.

  • It’s widely believed that Frank’s Red Hot was the original hot wings sauce.

  • The average American eats 90 chicken wings per year.

  • Americans will eat approximately 1.25 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday.

Some like it Hot, Hot, Hot!!

With monikers like the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Ghost Pepper, we can just imagine what certain hot peppers will do to your mouth. And we all know someone who seeks out these culinary adventures that make their face turn red and their forehead broke out in a sweat – and they call that FUN!!

Bring on the Wings O'live A Little

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Chili peppers are hot because they contain capsaicin. This substance is an irritant to mammals and creates a burning sensation upon contact. In most species, this is a natural deterrent - with the exception being the human species. The spiciness of a pepper is measured by its Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). In 2013, the Carolina Reaper was named the world’s hottest pepper with a 2.2 million SHU!

An official hot sauce must be derived from hot peppers. In the U.S., most hot sauces historically were created in Louisiana, including Tabasco sauce, which was mass-produced starting in 1868.

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