Amaretto Dark Balsamic Vinegar - 375 ML

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Oh how we love our Amaretto Dark Balsamic Vinegar. Let us count the ways we like to use this delicious almond flavored balsamic!!

1. Amaretto is a classic flavor with citrus. Try it drizzled over a citrus fennel salad, orange sorbet and as a flavoring agent in citrus inspired Crème Brulee.

2. It's delish with cheese.

3. Roast pork or chicken.

4. Salmon on a cedar plank

5. Drizzle over any ice cream, gelato or sorbet

6. Added to coffee or hot chocolate

7. Sauté with Green Beans or Brussel Sprouts

We love our  Amaretto Dark Balsamic Vinegar with our:  Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Any of Our Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lovely Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 

Available in 375ML


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