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In classical mythology, Cupid, who’s name means “passionate desire” is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection. With February 14th fast approaching our boy Cupid is again out in full force, ready to sink his arrow into lucky people of the world who are open to love and affection in their lives. 

Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally reserved for romantic love, it is also the perfect time to remind ourselves of other people who hold a special place in our hearts for reasons other than romantic love. The lady at the store who always has a smile, calls everyone sweetheart, and always puts a smile on your face, the old friend that calls at the right time all the time, the mom, dad or sibling who is always there to help, the mentor that makes you want to be a better person (I can go on, but you get my drift). Since Cupid is the god of affection as well as romantic love, taking a moment to reflect and feel the affection for all the various people in our lives and to let them know how grateful we are for them, is another way to experience Valentine’s Day. 

If you have romantic love in your life, be grateful! Not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day. Many seek this type of connection but do not have it in their lives. Whether you have romantic love or not, be grateful for all the other people in your life who make your day, week, month, and year just a bit better. Gratitude helps us experience positive emotions, enjoy each other at a deeper level, improves our physical and mental health, helps us deal with adversity, and builds stronger relationships. 

As just mentioned, the benefits of being grateful spill over into our current relationships (romantic or not). But even relationships that have yet to materialize can benefit from practicing gratefulness. Being grateful opens us up to experiences, people and places and gives us confidence in ourselves to explore the world and meet new people. People that have the potential to become a new best friend, mentor, business partner and of course romantic partner.

Maybe there should be a “Grateful for Humans Day” in addition to Valentine’s Day (Hallmark would have a field day with marketing for that!). We have Thanksgiving, which is a day to be thankful for all we have from people to heath, wealth, and material possessions. But Valentine’s Day is a “human” day. A day to solely focus on a person or persons. After all, we can have health, wealth and all the material possession in the world but if there nobody to talk with, look it, laugh with, cry with, or share and experience or a delicious meal with, what is the point, right?

So, take a little time this February to be Cupid. Let the humans who share small spaces and big spaces in your life know they are enjoyed, appreciated, and loved. You never know who you will touch or what private battle someone is dealing with. Send them your love, chocolates, something homemade, a gift basket, your appreciation, etc. Your gratitude for them can make a huge difference in someone’s life. 


Written by jennifer Ostrowski

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