Super Savories Mini Four Pack

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Other than garlic, herbs are the "Maestros" of culinary ingredients. Adding a dash of your favorite herbal flavor(s) transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. This mini four pack does just that without the chopping!

Limited Supply!!

Bacon makes everything taste better! And, if its combined with garlic, mushroom and a hint of smokiness, watch out! Over the top flavor burst is on its way!


The set of 4, individually labeled and all pack into a sweet little gift box, includes one 60ml bottle of each:

  • Garlic Mushroom Extra Virgin Olive Oil-  Garlic Mushroom delivers the earthy, full bodied aroma and taste of two favorites. Add it to meats, vegetables, baked potatoes, sauces, marinades, bread dippers, and salad dressings. Incredible drizzled on oven roasted cauliflower, sweet corn, brussel sprouts, steak or mixed into your favorite ground meat.
  •  Bacon Blast Extra Virgin Olive Oil -  Bacon make everything taste better! Our Bacon Blast Extra Virgin Olive Oil is blast of flavor for any food that it is paired with.  What savory food can't benefit from a bit of bacon? Excellent brushed on a  steak, scallops, shrimp, pork, and chicken. Mix some in with your ground beef before making burgers. Makes a delish salad dressing and can be tossed with veggies before roasting or grilling or simply drizzled on top just before serving. Of course it is excellent drizzled on top of a baked potato and is also delish when added to a fry pan before frying or scrambling eggs.
  • Garlic White Balsamic Vinegar The simple yet distinctive balsamic will be the super-star of your kitchen. Suggested use: Drizzle over a Mediterranean inspired salad. Brush on steak, shrimp, chicken, veggies before grilling or roasting. It goes with almost everything! 
  • Hickory Dark Balsamic Vinegar -  Use this yummy Hickory Dark Balsamic Vinegar anywhere you want a touch of sweet smokiness... Ribs, baked beans, kale salad, salmon, shrimp, steak... the list is endless! Not overpowering, just the right balance of sweet, savory and smoky this Dark Balsamic will be your grills new best friend!