Pineapple White Balsamic Vinegar - 375 ML

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$25.99 Single


Save $1 per bottle if you order 2 of the same flavor!


For all those tropical fruit lovers this balsamic says “Take me to the islands!”. What food doesn’t benefit from a tropical kiss?   Carrots, beets, green beans? Oh my!   Pork, Chicken, Fish, scallops, shrimp? Hell yes!   How about a splash in your next G&T (Gin & Tonic for you non-gin drinkers), or in a V&T ( Vodka & Tonic). Don’t forget the lime!

Pairs Well With: Jalapeno Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cilantro & Red Onion Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mexican Three Chili Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil Lovers Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Product: Single - 375ml