Herb Lovers Mini Four Pack

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Other than garlic, herbs are the "Maestros" of culinary ingredients. Adding a dash of your favorite herbal flavor(s) transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. This mini four pack does just that without the chopping!

Limited Supply!!

The set of 4, individually labeled and all pack into a sweet little gift box, includes one 60ml bottle of each:

  • Mountain Oregano Extra Virgin Olive Oil-  

    n Ancient Greek oregano means  "joy of the mountain".  Our Oregano Extra Virgin Olive Oil works great with pizza and pasta dishes... especially tomato based. Try with your next omelet,  drizzle with bread, roast potatoes and other root vegetables, baste lamb and beef with it. Add flavor to lentil and rice dishes.  The uses for this versatile extra virgin olive oil is endless. Did you know oregano became popular in the United States after soldiers returning home from World War Two in the Mediterranean were craving pizza?  It is the reason oregano is often called the pizza herb

  • Garden Dill Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Dill, related to celery adds a fresh and bright flavor to anything it is added to and ond our Dill infused extra virgin olive does an amazing job of imparting those fresh and bright characteristics to any food it is used on. Although Dill it is often just used with pickles and potato salad, its flavor works with many savory foods. Use it as a drizzle over vegetable or chicken soup, add it to scrambled eggs, make a delicious salad dressing using our suggested vinegars listed below. Make Greek Tazazki Sauce, sauté or roast your favorite veggies in it. Baste lamb, chicken or pork with it before and during grilling or roasting. Use it anywhere you want a flavor boost to savory foods.
  •  Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil -  A savory oil with the superior quality and flavor of rosemary. The ideal oil to baste or sauté lamb, chicken, fish or seafood. Brush on pork, especially a stuffed pork roast, or lamb. Drizzle over simple pasta. Brush on bread in place of garlic oil for use for dipping. 
  • Basil-Lemongrass Extra Virgin Olive Oil Basil Lemongrass is an exotic and flavorful combination with an Asian Cuisine flare. Lemongrass (a cross between lively ginger root and refreshing lemon) is fused with our inimitable Basil Olive Oil bring the Far East essence to your table. Step out of the box and give this olive oil a try on seafood dishes, chicken, salad dressings, stir fry's, sauces, and more.