Four Fruit Mini Four Pack

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During the ten years our brick and morter stores were open, our mini four packs were some of the most popular gifts items we offered. This special Falltime / Turkey Day set has all the best flavors to add a boost to veggies, salads, turkeys and desserts for the Thanksgiving menu. And, it can do double duty for all manner of foods for Christmas / Hoilday as well. Makes a great host gift or just get one all for yourself! A great way to sample new flavors!

Limited Supply!!

The set of 4, individually labeled and all pack into a sweet little gift box, includes one 60ml bottle of each:

  • Blackberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar- Our Blackberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar is bursting with deep rich dark berry flavor. It makes excellent salad dressings and can be used while grilling chicken or pork. Ginger being a classic flavor enhancer to Blackberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar is a great addition to the vinegar when making dressings and marinades from it.  Blackberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar also is delicious over yogurt, oatmeal and pancakes. Try a splash with your favorite gin and tonic!
  • Apricot Dark Balsamic Vinegar - Apricots with their unique peachy-plum flavor are a natural to combine with our balsamic vinegars. Offered in both our White and Dark Balsamic varieties, this Dark Balsamic is the absolute favorite of O'Live A Little's owner Jennifer.  She loves the underlying sophisticated smoothness and mellow but present flavor of the Apricot. This flavor works with so many foods. Chicken and pork, salmon, arugula salad, caprese salad, scallops, shrimp, BBQ and so much more.
  •  Raspberry White Balsamic Vinegar -  Use this delicious Raspberry White Balsamic Vinegar anywhere you want a bright berry flavor without the dark hue that would come from using our Raspberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar. Try with salmon, chicken or pork. Add a splash to your evening gin or vodka drink of choice. And, of course you can't go wrong using the Raspberry White Balsamic Vinegar with a spinach or other salads.
  • Peach White Balsamic -his is our white balsamic blended with all the greatness of fresh peaches! the essence is enough to give that certain brightness to any salad and greens, or even try it on a fruit bowl or oatmeal! Great with shrimp and scallops too! Pairs well with Basil Lemongrass Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Wasabi Oil.