Let's Take A Dip Gift Set!

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Dipping bread in delicious olive oil sounds so Italian, however dipping bread in green gold is uniquely American. When in Italy, often you will have amazing crusty bread, hot off an open fire, sporting a light char on rough edges, with a hearty drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If one is so inclined to prepare the fire to heat bread or not, this gift set will be sure to please all taste buds! All items come packed into a sweet striped reusable burlap bag.

Small:  $67.99  

  • White Grater Dipping Bowl - Amesome to grate fresh garlic, fresh herbs or citrus rind, then pour over with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and dip away with good piece of crusty bread
  • Four Flavor Bread Dipping Shaker -This little four pack shaker is the ultimate olive oil and bread dipping lovers go to mixture for herby goodness! The four different mixtures are also excellent used as rubs or simply sprinkle over meat and / or veggies. Includes: Parmesan Blend (roasted garlic and cheese), Tuscany Blend (sundried tomato and basil), Sicilian Blend (Onion, red pepper, tomato) and Rosa Maria (rosemary & garlic)
  • 1-375ml Bottle of O’Live A Little’s Italian Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - You can't go wrong with a good Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Robust, spicey and excellent for bread dipping

Large: $95.99  

Includes all the above, and

  • 1-375ml Bottle of O'Live A Little's Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Add this bottle to this gift set and create an olive oil tasting! This delicious, robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil will create converts from it's Italian cousin for sure!


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