Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar & Italian Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil Two Bottle Gift Set

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If you don't know what set to select, this is the one. Traditional Dark Balsamic & Italian Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil Two Bottle Gift Set includes one 375ml bottle of Traditional Dark Balsamic and one 375ml bottle of Italian Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a black carry case with a classic & simple "Merry Christmas" message front and center.

Italian Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil:   This bright olive oil is just a popular as our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive OIl and offers a bold " herbs of Italy" flavor. It's an excellent option if one is not sure how much garlic their gift recipient really likes... Lots of flavor without the garlic!  Baste over anything savory for added flavor and interest. Sauté anything savory with it for the same! It's excellent for bread dipping, cook morning eggs in it, drizzle over your favorite pizza or soup. 

Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar: is our "Flagship" product within the O'LIve A Little store. If you are looking for a "go-to" condiment that works with EVEYRYTHING this is the one!  Beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, ice cream, gelato, cake, icings and frostings, dressing and sauces all are better with some of this amazing balsamic.

That is not to say, for example that our Strawberry or Blood Orange Dark Balsamic Vinegar is not DELISH, because it is! But our Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar is the base for all of our other Dark Balsamic Vinegars. It's the basic "Vanilla" workhorse. If you need to select just one this is it. 

Note: If "gift message" shown for this two bottle gift set is out of stock, we will replace it  with another message in the same "spirit"  as one shown.