Apricot Dark Balsamic Vinegar - 375 ML

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Apricots with their unique peachy-plum flavor are a natural to combine with our balsamic vinegars. Offered in both our White and Dark Balsamic varieties, this Dark Balsamic is the absolute favorite of O'Live A Little's owner Jennifer.  She loves the underlying sophisticated smoothness and mellow but present flavor of the Apricot. 

This flavor works with so many foods. Chicken and pork, salmon, arugula salad, caprese salad, scallops, shrimp, BBQ and so much more.

We love it paired with: Black Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil Lemongrass Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Scallion Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Available in 375ML


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