A Tasty Snack that Packs a Protein Punch

Drying and smoking techniques once used to preserve meat before the days of refrigeration still provide a healthy way to deliver nutritional value in today’s modern, “on-the-go” lifestyle

You may think of cowboys. You may think, campers hiking the Appalachian trail... But, you may want to think about nutrition the next time you reach for a snack on the go – Grab some gourmet beef jerky for a nutrient-rich, low fat, high protein energy-boosting savory munchable! Or maybe you just stumbled upon a great gift idea for the man in your life. A gift basket featuring our selections of beef and pork jerky.

We’ve found it’s a big hit with those outdoors fitness enthusiasts, hunters, and fishermen-types. Or any guy that loves a sweet, salty, or tangy treat. And you know what is excellent paired with these irresistible, chewy tasty morsels? – BEER! Or a sweet Riesling if that’s more your speed.

Did you know? Jerky is naturally gluten-free

At O’Live A Little, we also suggest checking the labels for the words organic, grass-fed, and all-natural ingredients. Good quality jerky will have no added nitrites, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

But, oh how wonderful it will taste! Gourmet beef jerky can come in Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Hickory, Smoked BBQ, Cajun, Montreal Style, and other mouth-watering flavors.

This is a far cry from where we know jerky started historically. The earliest records date back thousands of years, originating either with Native American tribes in North America or by an ancient Incan tribe in South America. In either case, it was made for the purpose of preserving food for future consumption. The process includes:

  • Trimming the fat on lean meat

  • Cutting into strips, and

  • Drying to prevent spoilage

In the U.S., beef jerky is the most popular, but you can readily purchase pork jerky and wild game jerkies such as venison, elk, caribou, moose, and even kangaroo! (mobilecuisine.com)

Around the World, an even wider variety of domestic and exotic animal jerky can be found in the markets. Topping our list of most unusual: Ostrich, salmon, alligator, emu, and earthworm!

And a shout out to our new favorite: Turkey Jerky (it’s just fun to say)

Our Recommendation: Go For The Good Stuff

Jerky has evolved over the ages.

Stay away from jerky-like products that are highly processed and consist of chopped and “formed” meat. This quick grab, convenience store counter purchase is no substitute for the real deal.

Good quality jerky will be sliced, whole-muscle meat, which is either marinated or seasoned after drying. We have a high quality, organic beef, and pork jerky selection at our South Windsor store. Visit us and taste for yourself.

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