No doubt the Corona Virus is creating havoc, inconvenience, frustration and illness all over the world. Our prayers go out to those truly effected, whether from contracting the virus or being stuck somewhere other than in their own home.

But for all the negative, with the right attitude, we believe there are positives that can emerge from this crazy situation. Mainly, learning how to enjoy staying home... The fine art of being satisfied to stay within our own four walls has been slowing eroding for years.

The ability and availability to take off to what always seems like a better place; a more interesting event, a more amazing experience other than HOME is always now just a click away. Being caught up in always "going" and always "doing" is a vicious cycle. The more one does this, the more one cannot just stay home and enjoy all the little things that staying home offers like:

  • Having time for all the things you never have time for– There is a favorite quote that goes like this: The pain that is created from avoidance is much greater than any pain created from the actual art of doing." Spending time at home mentally or physically working on all those projects you have been cataloging in your brain is truly freeing!

  • Spending focused "Me or Us" time – Without the distraction of a new experience, being home really can get you focused on what is most important in your life.

  • Cultivating that new hobby you have been thinking about for years, -Hobbies provide an outlet from daily stress that can keep us from getting burned out in our jobs. They also provide numerous health benefits from lower blood pressure, to better physical function, and higher positive psychological states, and less memory loss.

  • Just enjoying your home A house is typically the largest investment a person or a couple will make. Or, rent on an apartment is typically the largest monthly bill a person has. So, why work so hard to afford the roof over your head and then leave it every chance you get? One of the best ways to enjoy your home is to cook at home! Cook with your family, cook for your family, cook for your neighbors and your friends!

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