March is National Noodle Month, which can be a great excuse for those of you who love pasta to enjoy some wonderful recipes this month. Since we live and breathe the world of pasta and oils here at O’Live A Little, we thought it would be fun to share a snippet from an article Yasmin Noone shared on SBS’s website discussing the age-old debate about whether noodles originated in China or Italy and then show you some behind the scenes photos from the pasta manufacturer who produces our in-store brand of pasta.

Pasta Being Rolled Out

For years, people have debated whether noodles originated in China or Italy. When we think pasta, most of us think of Mediterranean favorites, pasta shops, and an Italian Chef with his beautiful creations. However, when we hear the word “noodle”, many of us think of Raman noodles, Lo Mein, or other Asian dishes. To answer the question, Noone writes about American food writer Jen Lin-Liu who traveled through Asia and Europe in 2010-2011 on a fact-finding mission to answer this age-old question. She shares the following resolution from Lin-Liu: “...based on my journey, it seems that Chinese noodles made their way throughout Asia, Korea, and Japan, all through Central Asia and then through to Turkey. It makes sense as that was the way migration patterns moved and trading routes went.”

Pasta Ready To Package

Whether you are more a fan of the noodle or of pasta, National Noodle Month celebrates all forms of this easy-to-make, a fun-to-eat staple for many American households. From spaghetti to truffles, rigatoni to ziti, Lo Mein to Ramen, you can enjoy any form that you would like this March as you celebrate with us.

Ravioli Prior To Being Formed

At O’Live A Little, we sell both an American-made pasta that can only be purchased when you visit one of our stores and an Italian-made pasta that you can purchase in-store or when shopping online. Both brands contain quality ingredients, are tasty, and will leave your guests thinking you ordered out for the night. Fire up the computer, find a recipe, and whip up a creation that will rival your favorite Italian restaurant. If you have kids, have them help with the occasional stirring of the pasta and creating the perfect sauce. It’s a wonderful, easy-to-make family dinner that will have everyone feeling like they made the meal a success.

Ravioli Ready To Be Packaged

We recently toured the plant that produces our delicious in-store brand. This was quite an experience, as the pasta is one of our favorites. They use all-natural ingredients (never any preservatives or unnatural flavoring) and everything is handmade on their old-world “pasta making” equipment using Italian methods.

We also feature Pasta Morelli on our website store, which uses wheat germ within their pasta to provide better nutritional value to their products - ensuring that their final product contains Vitamins A and D, as well as vegetable protein. (Information gathered from Pasta Morelli’s website.) While we haven’t toured their facility yet, we will leave you this month with these beautiful creations they shared on their Instagram page.

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