Rosemary Lovers Gift Set

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Did you know in many Mediterranean cultures, rosemary is thought to bring luck to newlyweds, and baskets of the herb are offered to couples at their wedding? And, the ancient Greeks believed that Rosemary was a magical plant that could strengthen memory. Aside from these fun facts, all we know is rosemary is a fragrant and delicious herb that adds so much flavor to meats, fish and veggies as well as adding a wonderful scent to soaps, candles and more. This gift set offers a bit of rosemary for hearth and home and is all packed into an O'Live A Little Big Brown Box.

One Size: $52.99 

  • Celtic Organic Rosemary Sea Salt
  • LaPanzanella’s Mini Croccatini Crackers
  • A La Maison Rosemary Mint French Liquid Hand Soap
  • 1- 375ml Bottle of O’Live A Little’s Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil - A savory oil with the superior quality and flavor of rosemary. The ideal oil to baste or sauté lamb, chicken, fish or seafood. Brush on pork, especially a stuffed pork roast, or lamb. Drizzle over simple pasta. Brush on bread in place of garlic oil for use for dipping. 

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