Morelli - Spaghetti - Pasta of Durum Wheat Semolina - 2 lbs

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Handmade with durum wheat semolina from Tuscany, this dried pasta is quite dense and absorbs sauces well to give a more succulent and full-bodied flavor to your cooking. Imported from Italy


This is a 2 lb pack

    • UNIQUE FLAVOR - Morelli pasta is unusual as it includes the germ of the wheat in the pasta in order to create a beautifully flavored heirloom wheat pasta with a rich, nutty bite. 
    • EAT HEALTHY - Spaghetti Pasta di Semola di Grano Duro is made with durum wheat that is high in protein, making this artisanal pasta a great way to get more protein into your day.
    • VERSATILE PASTA - Used in classic Italian dishes with a touch of olive oil, or in more complex meals with seafood, meats, and vegetables, spaghetti noodles are highly versatile.

The ancient Morelli Pasta factory was founded in 1860, and is a family-run enterprise, the fifth generation of the Morelli family, siblings Lucia, Antonio and Marco, continue to run the company today preserving its traditions.