Everybody Loves An Italian Meal, Especially Dad! Gift Box/Basket

$48.99 - $88.99


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In the event we are out of a certain item, we will replace it with a similar one at equal or greater value! 

Small Gift Box: 

  • Focaccia Crisps Large
  • Italia Tri Color Linguine
  • Chianti Red Wine Salami
  • Chopped Italian Hot Peppers 
  • 375mL Bottle of Italian Herb extra virgin olive oil

Medium Gift Basket: Everything above plus-

  • Taralli Black Pepper Biscuits
  • Sun-dried Tomato Stuff Olives

Large Gift Basket: Everything above plus-

  • Parmesan Salami 
  • Nero di Seppia (Beautiful Black Squid Ink Pasta) 

Picture Depicts The Largest Gift Box/Basket!