Honey for Your Pomegranate  Gift Basket
Honey for Your Pomegranate  Gift Basket

Honey for Your Pomegranate Gift Basket


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Gift Basket Includes:  One - 375ml  Bottle of Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar 375ml, Pomegranate Honey, Truffettes de France Chocolate Truffles - - All in a pretty Verde green tin 

Our Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar is sweet and tart flavor explosion! Great on grilled shrimp. Try on a salad of shaved fennel with oranges, arugula and Parmesan cheese. Put a splash in glass with your favorite gin and tonic.

Pomegranate honey is excellent in your favorite tea, in yogurt and oatmeal and is excellent drizzled over brie.

Why Pomegranates & Honey for Valentine's Day?  Some say the forbidden fruit of the Bible was not an apple, but a pomegranate fruit. The word aphrodisiac originates with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and she is credited in Greek mythology with planting the first pomegranate tree. Because of their many seeds, pomegranates are often associated with fertility and abundance. The pomegranate appears as a romantic symbol in sonnets and literature dating back centuries. More recently in 2011, a small study by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh found that consuming pomegranate daily lowered cortisol levels, which can correspond with increased testosterone in both men and women. Elevated testosterone can lead to heightened moods and increased sexual desire.

Honey has been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries. The very word “honeymoon” stems from the hope for a sweet marriage. Some say honey’s romantic reputation comes from an ancient custom in which newly married couples drank mead, a fermented beverage made with honey, until the first moon of their new union. Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor. According to an old French wives’ tale, a bee sting was supposedly like being given a shot of pure aphrodisiac. Honey contains boron, which may regulate hormone levels, and nitric oxide, which is released in the blood during arousal. It’s also a symbol of fertility and procreation in some cultures.