I Love You Mom - Mother's Day Gift Set

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Coffee Chocolate and Love is what you will be sending to the "Mom" in your life when you send this gift set!

One Size: $95.99 

  • Chocolove Premium Ruby Grapefruit Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolove Premium Ruby Passionfruit Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolove Premium Orange Peel Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolove Premium Cherry & Almond Chocolate Bar
  • Amaretto Dark Roast Coffee Beans
  • 1-375ml Bottle of O’Live A Little’s Black Cherry Dark Balsamic -Our black cherry dark balsamic vinegar has always had a devoted and passionate following!  This balsamic vinegar works with so many foods, savory or sweet. Make a sauce with it and try on or sauté/grilled/braised pork chicken, veal or scallops. Tasty with roasted carrots, beets and brussel sprouts. Makes a super dressing for your favorite kale salad. And, don't get us started on how yummy it is drizzled over ice cream, gelato, angel food or chocolate cake
  • 1- 375ml Bottle of O'Live A Little's Cucumber Melon White Balsamic Vinegar - Thinking about how to stay refreshed on hot summer days? Try our Cucumber Melon Balsamic. Taste so good you'll want to drink it and guess what - you can! Splash it in a tall glass of iced sparkling or tonic water to transport you straight to your spa zone. And if you want to add a bit of vodka or gin we won't tell anyone! This white balsamic is also excellent with seafood, arugula, over fresh fruit as well as over peas, asparagus and more. 


If an item in a gift set is out of stock, we will replace it with another similar item of equal or greater value.***