The best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 375 ML

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The Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is a very complex medium intensity Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil with many ripe fruit and green fruit flavors. The aroma is mostly flowery and tropical, and the mouthfeel is round and buttery. The predominant aromas are ripe apple, ripe banana, and tropical fruits with cooked artichoke, green apple, mint, and cinnamon, too. The finish is mostly that of a spicy, black pepper aftertaste.

Hojiblanca olive varietal is one of the top three olive grown in Spanish groves. Proof of this lies in the almost 18 million olive trees currently growing throughout the heart of Andalusia.

Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil is one of the best cooking oils. In addition to frying, Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil is recommended for bread making, pastas and pastries due to the ideal consistency and texture it gives to dough. It adds flavor to vegetables and grilled meats.


Spain is the biggest producer of extra virgin olive oil in the world and Spain is the biggest consumer of olive oil in the world. It is also home to 300 million love trees. Olive oil is an integral part of Spanish cuisine with a tradition that spans over 3,000 years. No Spanish kitchen would be complete without a tall bottle of olive oil. Be it to add flavor to breakfast, dress a salad at lunch or add that special something to tapas pates, aceite de oliva has been a part of the Spanish diet for thousands of years and Spain is home to some of the world’s oldest olive trees.


This Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pairs well with: Any of your favorite balsamic vinegars... Dark or White!


We love this best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzled over Iberico Ham, Marcona Almonds and Roasted  Spanish Piquillo Peppers for a special end to a busy week!

Polyphenols: 156


Available in 375ML

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