Cocktail Lovers Hamper


  • Bloody Mary  Olives
  • Dirty Sue Olive Juice
  • Bada Bing Cherries
  • Cocktail Onions
  • Whiskey Sour Mix
  • Cocktail Straws
  • Shot Glass Measure

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This Basket Includes:

  • Bloody Mary  Olives – Mt. Athos Olives are marinated in a robust and savory Bloody Mary brine that pairs perfectly as a drink garnish, paired with burrata, or served on a charcuterie board. We love them straight out of the jar and into our mouth!


  • Dirty Sue Olive Juice – Create the perfect dirty martini at home! Non-alcoholic and made from premium olives and twice filtered brine. Only the finest quality olives are used from the southern region in Spain. Crafted by bartenders for bartenders and home enthusiasts.


  • Bada Bing Cherries- Burgundy in color and nearly twice the size of maraschinos, bing cherries are known for their concentrated sweetness and vibrant flavor. While usually only available for a short growing season, we’ve harvested, pitted and packed them for year-round enjoyment. Snack on these cherries straight from the jar or use them to add a touch of glamour to bourbon and whiskey cocktails.


  • Cocktail Onions – Alongside the shaker and muddler, these are the perfect addition to your traditional bar cart. In addition to classic martinis, these tiny onions can be used in deviled egg recipes, relishes, or fried rice dishes


  • Whiskey Sour Mix – The perfect, easy to use mixer for your cocktail parties. 3 Simple steps to great tasting cocktails! This product goes way back. Its first advertisements were seen on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson!


  • Cocktail Straws – One always needs a straw to stir the perfect cocktail!


  • Shot Glass Measure – The best cocktails a made from precise measurements! With this little glass, Cocktail magic is created!


All packed into a sweet little re-usable burlap sack!

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