Four Times a Year Package


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Join our Olive Oil and Vinegar of the Month Club! You will receive a bottle of our most popular oils and vinegars for four months from time of order! Perfect as a gift for someone or just as a treat to yourself.

Every three months for one year from the date of your initial order, you or your gift recipient will receive one of our most popular bottles in the following order.  The first installment is shipped within 3 business days of placing the order.  Each consecutive month will be sent on the first day of the following months.


1. Italian Classic Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 375ML

From the Campobasso region of Italy, this oil blends with Frantino, Peranzana, Coratina and other olive varieties for a balanced, rich and medium flavor.

Drizzle over an antipasti or platter of cured Italian meats.  Finish a white bean pasta or ribollito soup.  Saute meats, seafood or vegetables. Combine with a variety of vinegars for a delicious and tasty salad dressing.

Pairs well with Greek Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar and Traditional Dark Blasamic.


2. Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar - 375ML

Although thought of as a wine vinegar, it is not made from wine, but from unfermented juice or grapes known as "must", which has a high sugar content.  This smooth balsamic vinegar, produced in the traditional Modena style, is aged for 18 years in various wooden barrels.  The result is a unique, balanced fruit flavor.  A truly delicious, classic Italian product.

Gravies and sauces benefit from the addition of balsamic. Sprinkle on cooked meats to add flavor and aroma.  Drizzle on salad greens, strawberries, peaches and melons. Delicious on Parmigiano, goat cheese or Brie.  Pairs well with any oil.

Pairs well with Bergamot, Basil or Rosemary EVOO.


3. Traditional White Balsamic Vinegar - 375ML

Not aged in charred barrels, white balsamic has a sweet, subtle flavor, clean color and a clean aftertaste. 

Use with herbs and a flavored oil for a pork marinade. Toss with butter lettuce and fruit for a refreshing salad. Add to mayo for a summer potato salad or pasta salad. Combine with a variety of oils for delicious green salad dressings.

Pairs well with Oregano, Garlic or Rosemary EVOO.


4. Roasted Butternut Squash Seed Oil - 375ML

A culinary made with 100% roasted squash seeds grown in upstate New York. Rich amber color and toasted nutty flavor.

Compliments roasted or steamed vegetables, grilled meats or fish.  A flavorful alternative to olive oil drizzled over fresh fruit, bread or salads. Delicious on ice cream or popcorn.  Gives added rich flavor to mashed potatoes or rice dishes.  Add to quick breads or muffins for a nutty taste.