For the Grill Master: Salt and Seasonings for Dad Gift Box/Basket

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Small Gift Box

  • Rectangular or Square Salt Block - Himalayan Salt Blocks Great for grilling shrimp, chicken, vegetables, thinly sliced beef, fish, fillets, frying eggs or as a serving platter!
  • Salt Block Cooking Cook Book - A Must for anyone interested in this cooking method, covers all the how-to's, care and dozens of great recipes

Medium Gift Box: Contains everything above plus -

  • Bad to the Bone BBQ Rub & Seasoning - Generously coat a pork butt, shoulder, ribs, chops or tenderloin with this seasoning mix. Cook slowly in a smoker, with indirect heat on the grill, in the oven or a slow cooker. The natural juices of the meat will mix with the rub to give your pork a sauce-like finish.
  • Chorizo Seasoning - The flavors of spicy Spanish chorizo sausage are captured in this blend of salts and spices creating a versatile seasoning and finishing salt.his seasoning is made from, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, granulated garlic and real sea salt. You'll love it on eggs, french fries, seafood, sandwiches, paella, gumbo, and vegetables. This seasoning does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives, or anti-caking agents.


Large Gift Basket: Everything above plus -

  • 375 ML Bottle of Backyard BBQ Balsamic Vinegar - 

    Our Traditional Dark Balsamic infused with the savory flavors of hickory smoked barbecue sauce and the tangy essence of pineapple.