Bacon Jams
Bacon Jams

Bacon Jams


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What is Bacon Jam?

Bacon Jam at its core is bacon, brown sugar, onions and a whole lot of stirring. They can all be simply spread on crackers, elegantly spread to elevate appetizers or to baconize your favorite dish. Total bacon convenience is here in the form of our "No Fry, On the Fly" gourmet bacon spreads. The perfect gift the your friends, family and your pantry!

How should I store Bacon Jam?
The Bacon Jams are shelf stable which means you do not have to put them in the fridge until after you open the jar! This is achieved this with the natural power of bacon and NO Preservatives!

What do you do with Bacon Jam?
The simple answer is that you spread The Bacon Jams on everything you want to taste like bacon. Check out these two easy recipes:

Brie & Bacon Bites


  1. Cube brie into 24 servings.
  2. Spoon ¼ oz of Balsamic & Fig Bacon Jam into each phyllo cup and top with a brie cube.
  3. Bake according to package instructions.
  4. Top with chopped fresh rosemary and serve warm!


Brats in a Blanket

6 bratwurst sausages (precooked)

3 oz Original Bacon Jam

1 tube of crescent roll dough


  1. Unroll crescent roll dough and spread ½ oz Honey & Habanero Bacon Jam on each section.
  2. Lay bratwurst into each section and roll dough around the sausage.
  3. Bake dough according to package instructions