Truffle All The Way Gift Set

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Eating, even sniffing, a truffle is a bit like being drugged and those that love truffles they are irresistible! Set is all packed into our O’Live A Little Big Brown Box and includes:

Small: $54.99  

  • 1-375ml Bottle Truffle Dark Balsamic Vinegar
  • 1 - Package Black Truffle Risotto - Tenuta Margherita has been producing extra-fine Carnaroli rice in the Vercelli area of Italy for over a century. The company looks after the entire production chain; from the cultivation of grains in the paddy field, to the processing in the rice mill that is performed with stone husking machines. Thanks to this procedure, the transformation of raw wholegrain rice to white rice keeps its’ amber color, firmness, and even surface. The product stays firm during cooking; the rice’s aroma and taste are the perfect match for simple ingredients. The result is a decadent risotto rich with the flavor of black summer truffle, but not overpowering.
  • 4oz pack - A fine grain sea salt with beautiful black truffle flakes bursts with the robust and earthy aroma that only comes from truffles. This aromatic salt is a perfect mixture of pure fine sea salt and highly prized black truffles imported from Italy. Use as a finishing salt to compliment any type of cuisine. For a gourmet treat, toss popcorn with your favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil and top with black truffle sea salt. Delicious on steak, potatoes, corn  too!

Large: $92.99  

Includes all the above, and

  • 1 – 375ml White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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